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Manta Co.brand Samira Macaroni on 20 January 1356 and established his work as the first pasta factory production of various types began to form and discipline. With the grace and help of God, based on the knowledge and experience of managers and staff trained and to benefit from the knowledge and technology and the use of automatic devices (Bvlrsvyys and Italy) would shortly pasta market share the account. Pasta Samira improving the quality, diversity and community health at the forefront of its activities and received the expectations of consumers needs to produce safe, nutritious and functional soy flour and pasta contain one of the products. The company has experienced, as well as through the efforts of creative forces and update organizational systems and technology is constantly looking for innovation by identifying the needs and demands of our customers and delivering new products to the production, quality, and healthy. Receiving logos, tables, figures and a different appreciation of organizations: national standard, respecting the rights of consumers and producers, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Association of Food Science and Technology Corner Samira is proud of pasta. In Manta Co. required control and analysis using technical knowledge in the field of food industry with the highest quality pasta is done by professionals. These experts using laboratory equipped chemical and microbiological control of various Samira Macaroni are in compliance with the highest world standards.

• Vision:

  • The first place to produce new products to meet the needs of consumers,
  • even at low volumes and for specific customers
  • and also leading the preservationand promotion of the highest variety of products


The first place to produce new products to meet the needs of consumers, even at low volumes and for specific customers and also leading the preservation and promotion of the highest variety of products…

Pasta values Samira
• honesty, hard work and efficiency
• develop and spread the culture of excellence and improvement
• Development and empowerment through participation and teamwork
• establish transparent, sincere and win-win for all stakeholders

Samira Pasta Work Values

Key Success Factor pasta Samira:

– Respect for consumers
– Good communication and permanent market and customers
– Research and identify the needs of consumers
– Meet their demands with innovation and deliver new products
– Prices and availability of products around the country
– Constant communication with scientific and research centers because of the production of healthy and functional

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